Even the best wood occasionally requires tender, loving care.
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Furniture is the vital ingredient that turns a house into a home, a real expression of your style and individuality. It’s also a major investment. Therefore, even though every piece of McMichael Furniture is made to provide exceptional ease of use, attention to the basics below will ensure that your furniture ages with grace, for generations to come.

  1. Fine wooden furniture should not be exposed to extreme heat or humidity. Please do not place the unit near heat outlets or open windows. Also, try to avoid direct sunlight, which may cause the finish to fade.
  2. Do not put hot plastic, rubber, ceramics or other hot objects directly on the wooden surface. The chemicals in these items may discolor the finish. Instead, rest the hot items on a felt or cork pad before placing them down.
  3. Remove dust by using a soft and clean cloth. Remember to wipe with the grain. You may use any polishing product simply by following their instructions. Do not use products that might leave a film on the furniture surface as it might cause clouding of the finish and collect hard-to-remove dust.
  4. To ensure that your furniture shines, every six months, do a thorough cleaning of the furniture. Use any furniture cleaning product available on the market by and follow their directions. For this thorough cleaning, it is advisable to also use furniture polish.
  5. It is also recommended that you occasionally polish the furniture with a high-quality non-silicone polish product to enhance the finish of your McMichael furniture. Do not use any oily polishes or wax.
  6. In case of spills, clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth by wiping in the same direction as the grain.
  7. For glass, metal or brass fixtures, please use damp cloth for cleaning.